Let's Save Our Schools: Phoneathon 2012 raises over 80,000 Euros in Greece

On March 18, the Greek-Armenian Portal used equipment provided by CAP and held the 12-hour Phoneathon from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. The volunteers participating in the Phoneathon with the slogan "Let's Save Our Schools” called their fellow Armenians and asked for their pledges to donate.

Phoneathon 2012 raised 80,000 Euros. It was very important for Armenian schools in Greece because, as leader of the community, Father Narek Shahinian told, “due to the country’s economic crisis, for the second year now, the local Armenian schools haven’t been receiving government support and that is causing serious difficulties".

Father Narek also informed that the donations will reach 100,000 Euros by the end of March and will help solve the financial issues facing the schools.

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