Armenia Fund Telethon 2012: For You Armenia

Armenia Fund Telethon 2012 will rally the global community of Armenians toward the construction of Multifunctional Community Centers in Artsakh's remote borderline villages.
Each of these structures will house a health care center, a library, a modern computer lab with internet access, an auditorium for trainings, town hall meetings and cultural events, as well as a village administration and accounting office.  As always, Armenia Fund will also continue on its long-term infrastructure development mission that is building and reconstructing schools, kindergartens, hospitals, waterways, natural gas mains, roads, as well as its agricultural development and humanitarian assistance projects in Armenia and Artsakh. In addition, this year's telethon will also benefit efforts to bring vital relief to struggling Armenian communities rocked by the turmoil in Syria. 10% of all donations made during the telethon will be donated to Syrian relief efforts.

To make a difference, donate today at

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