System Of A Down - KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2014 (full show)

Οι θρυλικοί System of a Down πραγματοποίησαν την πρώτη και μοναδική τους εμφάνιση για το 2014 το Σάββατο 13 Δεκεμβρίου στο Forum στο Los Angeles σαν μέρος του Almost Acoustic Christmas.

Οι ίδιοι ερμήνευσαν 16 γνωστά κομμάτια τους όπως: Aerials, Hypnotize, Lonely Day, Toxicity, Spiders ενώ έκλεισαν την εμφάνισή τους με το κομμάτι Sugar.

Μπορεί οι System of a Down να ήταν αρκετά «ήσυχοι» για το 2014, για το 2015 όμως ανακοίνωσαν επίσημα την “Wake Up the Souls” περιοδεία τους. Η περιοδεία αυτή θα είναι επετειακή για τα 100 χρόνια από την γενοκτονία των Αρμενίων.

Πιό συγκεκριμένα ο τραγουδιστής του γκρούπ, Serj Tankian, δηλώνει:

«Σαν συγκρότημα ήταν το όνειρό μας να παίξουμε στην Αρμενία. Θα είναι τεράστια τιμή μας να μπορούμε να παίξουμε στην πατρίδα μας, στο χώμα τον προπαππούδων μας, σεβόμενοι την μνήμη των πεσόντων στην πρώτη γενοκτονία του 20ου αιώνα.

System Of A Down / UMG / BMG
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2014 (HD)
The Forum, Inglewood, California
December 13, 2014

01. 01:11 Chop Suey!
02. 04:22 Soldier Side intro
03. 05:21 B.Y.O.B
04. 09:49 Prison Song
05. 13:42 Aerials
06. 17:33 A.D.D.
07. 21:31 Needles
08. 24:44 Deer Dance
09. 27:55 Psycho (Solo: 30:59)
10. 32:28 Radio/Video
11. 37:38 Hypnotize
12. 40:58 Lonely Day
13. 44:00 Spiders
14. 47:28 Question!
15. 51:49 Toxicity
16. 56:24 Sugar




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Microsoft Armenia Launches Regional Program for Startups

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, with three other similar Innovation Centers (MICs) from around the world, was selected out of over 140 MICs to launch a unique regional startup acceleration program for early stage startups which will connect entrepreneurs to resources and provide them support in validating their ideas, building viable solutions and exposing their products to global markets. Powered by Microsoft and VentureHive, the MIC Pre-Accelerator Program is the first one in Armenia and in the region where every good idea should have a shot at viability by having access to essential tools, resources, and expertise.

Startups are the cornerstone of innovative economy and job-creation. However entrepreneurship entails risks and uncertainties in building the next big thing like Google or Facebook with limited resources. Nurturing a brilliant idea into a successful business is all about the execution and having the necessary skills. Developing an effective business model, building a strong team and culture, software development, building intuitive design, pitching to investors are only some of these skills. Surrounded by experienced mentors, advisors and like-minded peers, and provided access to global resources and knowledge-drivers, early stage startups will master their skills and embrace success. This thriving and fast moving environment is what MIC Pre-Accelerator offers to the selected teams and startups.

The MIC Pre-Accelerator Program utilizes a 12 week intensive program which provides the selected teams with mentorship, business and technology trainings, as well as with an access to resources and support from the international community for transforming the idea and concept into a strong and marketable product. The program offers a top-notch curriculum of highly practical workshops and training sessions, and consistent mentoring from a vetted network of local and international entrepreneurs and experts. Participant teams and startups receive access to a collaborative working space and facilities in the MIC Armenia office. During the program the teams will gain extensive exposure to local and international investors to inject the initial seed funding into their startup. The program will culminate in the MIC DEMO WEEK in April 2015, where a global audience will witness the product demonstrations and startups will receive feedback from successful entrepreneurs and experts.

MIC Pre-Accelerator targets ambitious teams and early-stage startups and an ability to be coached and to take feedback for an ultimate goal of fast execution and product validation. The program gives the biggest importance to the founding team and their commitment to their startup. On top of that it is vital that the idea is an innovative and disruptive web or mobile solution which addresses a real need. Throughout the program the teams should commit over 40 hours per week to the program activities to cultivate their concept into a prototype or a minimum viable product.




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